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Friendly Fire

"...very pretty, very elegant, nearly like fashion illustration, but fully explicit..."
Dian Hanson

"...indeed, the faces are sexy and expressive but the poses reveal way too much."
Gregor Wilhelm, FHM Deutschland

" impressive as ever."
Jamie Maclean, The Erotic Review

"In our erotic sections the women depicted are certainly provovative but not as clearly and never as submissive and abased as they are presented by you. Erotic images in general have a hard time in our magazine and they need to exactly hit the right tone. Which your drawings don't.."
Jan Mötting,

"While these images may at first seem bold and simple, they are anything but. The quality of the lines and shading is very deliberate and technical - the detailed layering of fine lines in the hair, the lips, and the nipples specifically but also the every so careful rendering of the delicate female and male folds. And the drawings which push the distortion of angle and view, or where the body seems to expand to fill every crevice of the canvas - this attention to detail and keen eye is where the work becomes art."
Kayla Freedman,

"I really love your drawing style and I think you've got an extremely sculptural approach to line work - it's extremely powerful.. but.. well, the ladies are just really not my type at all ..."
Suzanne Gerber,

"Specializing in luminescent fetish, erotic foreplay, bondage, kink and all kinds of flesh based illustrative work, the nudes depicted by artist and enthusiast Van Rijn are every part as alluring and provocative as the real thing. Like the Sirens of Greek Mythology, the appeal and lure of Van's illustrations may bring you dangerously close to believing that they are, in fact, calling out to you."


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